Simply feed the anemone a small amount of JoesJuice and watch the results within minutes. Joesjuice is available worldwide since 2003.

* Reef Safe 

* Feeding Aiptasia and Majano is simple 

* Feeding can be done with the lights on 

* Aitpasia and Majano DO NOT retract while being fed 

* No injection required ·  No need to siphon anemone out of tank after application 

* Results in minutes not hours 

* Applicator and tip included 

* No effects on water Chemistry

Now available !

Only have a few Aiptasia or Majano in your tank ? Get the JoesJuice 5ml Shot.

JoesJuice manufactured by D. van Houten Import - Export B.V.

Since March 2011 JoesJuice is manufactured and distributed worldwide by D. van Houten Import - Export B.V.. We supply to a worldwide network of (reef) aquarium stores and local aquatic distributors. Due to our worldwide network, JoesJuice is a perfect addition to our worldwide programm. We sell JoesJuice since 2003 and were one of the first distributors outside the USA serving stores and distributors in Europe.

What is JoesJuice ?

JoesJuice is a proprietary aqueous solution of sodium, magnesium, calcium salts and calciumhydroxide.

Did you made any changes ?

  • We use guaranteed leakage free bottles.
  • We printed the ingredients on the outside of the box. In some countries this is required for customs clearance.
  • We use pharmaceutical ingredients only, as pure as possible.
  • In combination with the bottle and the pharmaceutical ingredients, we reduced the posibility of clumping of the solution.

How to use:

  • Turn off powerheads before feeding.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Fill supplied syringe and tip with 'patent pending' mixture.
  • For Aiptasia: Gently place syringe over their mouth, feed anemone a small amount of mixture.
  • For Majano: Spread a small amount of mixture at their center.
  • Both anemones will consume the product.