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What we do

Welcome to our website.

We carry a wide range of quality brands especially for the reef aquarium. Our products are shipped to 73 countries worldwide! We deliver our products direct to stores and to distributors who distribute our products to the stores in their local market.

Next to the products we stock and manufacture at our warehouse, we also work together with many other manufacturers  / suppliers in Europe. This way we can offer you a full range of products for all your customer needs.

We are very flexible and don’t have a minimum order quantity. Due to our worldwide shipping we can offer you good shipping rates for your orders, especially for shipments >30KG.

Products we manufacture

Next to the products we buy, we also manufacture a range of products in our facility in Groningen, The Netherlands. Most items carry the DVH Aquatic brand.

  • NP Reducing BioPellets
  • PO4x4 Phosphate Remover
  • Aqua Crobes
  • Easy Feed
  • BioGro
  • ReefPearls
  • Coral Protec
  • JoesJuice

We also offer OEM for certain products.

Other Services

  • We can arrange pickup of your order(s) at your supplier(s) within the EU and export them to your port of choice or till your door.

  • Collect all your orders at our logistic center in Groningen, The Netherlands, and ship them out as one shipment till the (air)port or till your door.

  • We offer domestic and international transport services.

  • Warehousing and shipping


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