Fishguard - No more jumping fish
The Bananaquarium Fishguard! World's first of a kind, and unprecedented. A perfect accessory to add to your aquarium! The Fishguard is exactly what you need to
prevent your fish from jumping out of your tank, without ruining the aesthetics. Scroll down and let yourself be amazed.


The Bananaquarium Fishguard is designed in a way that it is the must-have for every rimless aquarium. The Fishguard prevents all fish, big and small, from escaping from the aquarium. The Fishguard does this with extreme effectiveness, without disrupting the design of the rimless aquarium. This way your fish are safe, and you can still enjoy your tank in all its beauty. The Fishguard is a truly unique product, and a must-have for all aquarium fanatics.

One of a kind

There is no doubt that the Fishguard is a one of a kind. There is no product with
comparable features whatsoever. The Fishguard is designd with a strong focus on the
"less is more" mentality, which ensures that the product is exactly what aquarium fanatics
need, and want.

Although the Fishguard does not cover the entire tank, it makes sure that the fish are safe
inside, and won't be able jump out as easy as they would before. Read all about jumping fishin our Whitepaper!

How and Why it works

When a fish startles because of an aggressor in its direct surroundings, the fish tends to flee its environment. This fleeing always happens in the direction that is most logical to the fish: Horizontal, away from the source of aggression. Then the fish bumps into the glass, it is invisible to them, especially when they are in stress. After bumping into the glass, the only way to escape is up.

After studying this behavior of the fish, it became clear that a minimalistic solution would be suffice, which stops the fish, with extreme effectiveness (95%), in the area where they are most likely to hop from the aquarium. Hence the FishGuard.

How to install the Fishguard:

FishGuard Specs

Below we have included an important selection of product features. Important that you know what you can expect.

Our product is universal: It fits most square aquariums available in the market. The glass thicknesses that are suitable for the Fishguard: 6 mm | 8mm | 10mm |12mm
It fits most  red  sea reefers, (except for the 450 model because of the 15mm glass), Diamonds and Aqua Medic aquariums.

  • Aquarium requirements to fit the Fishguard:

    • Must contain 4 x a 90 degree corner

    • Glass thickness (or a combination) of: 6 mm | 8mm | 10mm |12mm

  • Suitable for type of aquarium:

    • Fresh water

    • Salt water

    • Brackish water

  • Prevents fish from jumping out of the aquarium*

  • Requires no maintenance after installation

  • Best price:quality ratio

  • Clean look, straight design

  • Great solution for aquarium cable management!

  • Mesh included: 5 meters (enough for all tanks with up to 12mm glass)

  • Installation manual included

*In the most common case, described in the whitepaper.