Available in 4-6mm, 6-8mm and 8-16mm in a 4,6KG jar.

DVH Aquatic Calcium Reactor Media is a raw, natural re-occurring, biogenic, 99,8% pure calcium carbonate derived from marine aragonite. Its near chemical purity and size consistency making it the complete reactor media for all calcium reactors.

DVH Aquatic Calcium Reactor Media does not only contain calcium en carbonates, but alsoessential trace elements as well such as Strontium, Magnesium, Molybdenium and Potassium.. Its high solubility reduces CO2 consumption significantly. Another benefit is its lack of nitrate, phosphates and silica, which helps to prevent diatom blooms in the aquarium. This in contrast to most (Asian) suppliers.

How much do I need for my reactor?

DVH Aquatic Calcium Reactor Media comes in 4,6 KG / 10,14 lbs packed in a 4 L PET jar. 

Please follow the instructions that comes with your calcium reactor to add the correct amount of Calcium Reactor Media for your reactor for optimal performance.

Rinse off the transport dust in a bucket before use. Continue to rinse material until overflow water turns from a milky to light cloudy / clear appearance.

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