Available in 0,3-1,2mm, 1-2mm and 2-3mm in a 2,8 KG or 9 KG jar.

DVH Aquatic Aragonite Natural Sand is a raw, natural re-occurring, biogenic, 99,8% pure calcium carbonate derived from marine aragonite. Its near chemical purity and size consistency making it the ideal substrate for marine, reef or Cichlid aquariums, plenum systems and refugiums.

Next to calcium it also contains elements like Carbonate, Strontium, Magnesium, Molybdenium and Potassium. It has a huge buffering capability and helps maintain a natural pH without the constant need of adding chemicals. 1 KG / 2,2 Lbs DVH Aquatic Aragonite Natural Sand offers over 100m2 / 1075 sq. ft of surface area for housing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate reducing bacteria. Another benefit is its lack of nitrate, phosphates and silica, which helps to prevent diatom blooms in the aquarium. This in contrast to most (Asian) suppliers.

How much do I need for my aquarium?

DVH Aquatic Aragonite Natural Sand comes in 9 and 2,8 KG / 19,84 and 6,17 lbs packed in 6 and 2 L PET jars. As we learned at school, 1L = 1dm3. The formula is LxDxH in decimeters.

Measure the length (L) and depth (D) of your tank in centimeters and divide it by 10 to get decimeters. Decide how thick (H) you want your sand bed to be. Example: My tank is 75x40 cm, that is 7,5x4 dm (75/10 = 7,5 and 40 / 10 = 4) and I want my sand bed to be 2cm / 0,2dm thick. That make LxD = 7,5 x 4 = 30 dm2. 30 dm2 x H = 30 x 0,2 = 6 dm3 = 6L

So in this example you need 1 jar of 6L to cover the entire floor of your aquarium with 2cm sand. For people who use inches and feet: 1 inch is roughly 2,5cm / 0,25dm and a feet is roughly 30cm / 3dm.

Rinse off the transport dust in a bucket before use. Continue to rinse material until overflow water turns from a milky to light cloudy / clear appearance.

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