Aqua Crobes


Aqua-Crobes is a biological product of natural occurring bacteria and enzymes that reduce the threat to fish caused by pathogenic bacteria. Through years of field and laboratory research we have developed a line of specifically formulated microbes for maintaining water quality, increasing growth rates and ensuring the health of your aquatic animals. Aqua-Crobes is a competitive excluder of pathogenic microbial diseases such as Vibrio, Pseudomonas, Aeromonas, Streptococcus, Allococcus, Myxobacterium, Columnaris and other gram negative bacteria. The way it works is by creating competition with negative bacteria by introducing bacteria to the water that is beneficial to the fish that live in it. This is a process known as competitive exclusion.  Aqua-Crobes competes with these pathogenic bacteria for the nutrients in the water that they depend on for their survival while waiting to attack your fish. At the same time little peptides are produced that are toxic to finfish and shellfish pathogens.

When used as directed, Aqua-Crobes will reduce the bacterial count of the pathogens to such low levels that they will not be a threat to the health of your fish. It is impossible to completely remove all the pathogenic bacteria from the aquarium, but Aqua-Crobes, when used on a regular basis, will keep the pathogens levels so low they will not affect your fish. Aqua-Crobes is not a medication or chemo- therapeutic product and is safe for all your aquatic animals.

Aqua-Crobes  does not compete with other bacteria supplements such as BioGro  due to the fact that the two products are removing different nutrients from the water. While BioGro removes nutrients which normally feed algae (ammonia, nitrogen, etc), Aqua-Crobes removes the nutrients which e.g. Aeromonas and Vibrio require to survive in your aquarium (fish waste materials). Because they work to remove different nutrients, BioGro and Aqua-Crobes can both be used at the same time. It is also highly effective in many temperatures of water and at different ranges of pH levels.  Whether you have fresh, brackish or salt water environments to care for, you are set with Aqua-Crobes!

Aqua-Crobes is one of the best kept secrets in the commercial fish and shrimp breeding industry. It promotes healthy hatchery of many species of fish and shrimp and decreases the rate of mortality. It effectively fights off pathogenic microbial diseases. It improves hatchery water conditions and  increases survivability and growth. Aqua-Crobes also improves artemia, copepods and brachionus survival by improving water quality for culture. It is used in hatcheries, grow out and holding systems, recirculating systems, ponds and any water body to improve water quality and reduce disease.

Maintaining good water quality is one of the most important factors in aquarium keeping, raising shellfish, finfish and other aquatic organisms. Aqua-Crobes helps you to reach the goal of providing a healthy environment for all your aquatic species. Available in 100ml


Start application:  1ml per 160 liter once every 3 days for a 9 days period.

Second application: 1ml per 160 liter once a week for a 2 week period.

Maintenance application: 0,25ml per 160 liter once per week.

  • Turn off your U.V. Light when treating with Aqua-Crobes for the first five initial treatments only.
  • Do not use liquid antibiotics during the first five initial treatments
  • If you have an existing bacterial problem, a double dosage rate may be used safely.
  • After handling, wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Avoid inhalation and eye contact.
  • Aquariums with low oxygen conditions should be monitored during application or aerated if oxygen depletion is expected
  • Refrigeration after opening is recommend.

Aqua-Crobes contains only Biosafety Level Class 1 bacteria which are completely non-toxic, naturally occurring organisms/enzymes, and confirmed to be non-genetically manipulated organisms.