DVH Aquatics Dosing Pump Hose Connector

Get the perfect drip
Get the perfect drip and dose your liquids in the water, not on the wall. We got the idea from Seahorse Aquarium Ltd in Ireland to improve the dosing pump hose connectors that were currently on the market. This resulted in the DVH Aquatic Dosing Pump Hose Connector. Made in-house in Groningen, The Netherlands from 100% PMMA /Acrylics.

What we changed:

  • Screw on the front. This way you pull the dripping from the glass, no towards it.
  • No inner hose connectors. The inner diameter of your hoses are 4mm, with an inner hose connection you decrease the flow ability which can create a blockage in the tube. You slide your hose on our angled acrylic tubes which creates an airtight connection.
  • Angled outlet. Our acrylic tubes are angled. This prevents salts in the liquids you dose or splash from the filter to form creep which can lead to blockage of the outlet.

Does this look familiar to you ?

If the answer is yes, you are wasting precious
liquids and money by dosing a part on the wall of
your filter. This can also been seen when dosing 
on a (return) pump.

When dosing on the wall, air will crystalize the
salts in the liquids. Together with saltwater spray
from the filter it will build up a salt creep as seen
on this picture. 

How to install the DVH Aquatics Dosing Pump Hose Connector:

1. Place the mount on the glass and fixate it with the supplied screw.

2. Connect your hose (6x4mm) to the angled tubes.

Tip: Make the tubes wet before connecting


3. Place the connected tubes and hoses in the mount.

4. Fill up the hoses and tubes till liquid is running from the angled tubes.

The DVH Aquatics Dosing Pump Hose Connector is made inhouse in Groningen, The Netherlands from 100% PMMA / Acrylics.